Food Kits Project

Food Kits Project by RBM

The end of March 2020, saw a crisis situation – with the fear of spreading of the Corona Virus, COVID -19,affirming on the act of SOCIAL DISTANCING, on announcement of complete lockdown form the 21st of March for a span of 21 days and then an extension till 3rd of May 2020.

This led to a number of issues, the daily wage workers, street vendors, casual workers, contract workers started facing a huge loss of income and poverty.

As a part of community service project and To support the daily wage worker and migrant workers, we at Midtown had undertaken a project to distribute a 17.0 kg food grain kit and the cost of this is Rs.1000/- each. – through Humane Touch led by Ms Tazayuun Oomer and the organisations led by our Rtn F R Singhvi – Sansera Foundation and Karnataka Marwari Youth Federation (KMYF).

Rotary Bangalore Midtown humbly admits that we could able to distribute 3805 Groceries kits till date. Started with a plan of distributing 1000 kits scaled upto 3805 kits with support of kind hearted Midtowners. We are happy to share that a well organized and proper planning made us to complete project successfully as Groceries kits reached to the needy.

We take this opportunity to thank the team worked with us in succeeding project in this crucial situation. Special thanks to Midtowners for the generous donation towards the great cause. Volunteers from Team Sansera could distribute these kits to the daily wage workers of Sira, Pavagada after a detailed survey and collection of data.

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