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Rotaract Club of Marathahalli

This year Rotaract Club of Marathahalli , consisting of young professionals and professional degree students who are empowered to make the world the better place .

This year RCM has pledge to work on the fields child education , sustainable living and social entrepreneurship and rural development .

This year the flagship events will be including a multipurpose Fundraising platform , teaching coding to government school students with association with firms such as Melton Foundation , Mozilla and so on ...

If you think you can add value to our community , then join us by the clicking the button below and filling the form below

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Rotaract Club of Mount Carmel College

The Rotaract Club of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore was established in the year of 1972. It is one of the oldest and working institution based club of our country. We work with 64 other associations on campus and are functioning with over 400 active members at the moment to work together for the betterment of the society in the various ways possible. The agenda base created by the Rotaract Club of Mount Carmel College for the year of 2020-2021 is a primary focus on the stimulation of entrepreneurship ideas and support , social well being of individuals and finally a mega fundraising and collaboration project with local medical hospitals in dire need of specific medical equipments during these times. In simple words , we are aiming to make small differences during the recovering phase from COVID-19 of our nation.

We are a club focused on promoting goodwill, humanity while ehancing and encouraging all our Rotaractors to achieve something out of their ease for not just themselves but also for the society . Our committees work hard throughout the year to organise projects for a cause with always some gratification at the same time. Some of the Community Service activities that had taken place in the previous working years are - ‘Newspaper Drives’, ‘Menstruation Webinars’, ‘Blood Donation Drives’, ‘Fundraising For a Cause’, ‘Food Donation Drives’, ‘Blanket Drives’, ‘Women Activist Conferences : Celebrate Her’ and more. These are also accompanied by several Club Service activities which were conducted with great pomp - ‘Beginners Got Talent’, ‘Drama Queen’, ‘Potlucks’, ‘Beatboxing’, ‘Online Gaming Activities’, ‘Farewell Celebration’, etc. The key projects of this year is mainly focused on working through online platforms which would include – workshops , webinars , live talk sessions with COVID-19 survivors and talented students with entrepreneurship skills of MCC and more.

As a club we are constantly striving to be better. We have a council of young ladies who are empowered with skills, motivation and talents to achieve success. We aim for excellence and are ready to show results with elan to live up to the name and glory of the Rotaract Club of Mount Carmel College. We look forward to a bright and unique year ahead.

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